With a lot of questions buzzing around online, we've decided to compile a list of FAQ's:

Your clothes are made of synthetics, isn't this bad for my child?
Well, not quite, we're focussing on outerwear; A rain and wind proof outer shell. These synthetic garments are to be worn ontop of natural layers and are designed to protect your child from rain and wind. Because the garments are designed to last long, we can use top of the range durable & breathable fabrics.

Will the pleats fall out with use?
The durable fabrics and pleating process we've designed makes the pleats really hard wearing. We see children as extreme athletes and know that they will put Petit Pli to the test!

Will the pleats fall out when I wash them?
Our garments have been rigorously tested and designed to be machine washable, they come out perfect! Wash at 30℃ , it's better for the environment too! To dry, just place ontop of the drying rack. No ironing needed!

Will you manufacture different colours and designs?
Yes, what you see here is the result of a concept and manufacturing process that has been resolved. Just add spices to taste! You can look forward to a range of shapes, colours and patterns once we launch!

Why would I buy this when I can just buy lots of cheap childrens outerwear?
The reason Petit Pli exists is to reduce the amount of unecessary waste resulting from the fashion industry... If that's not enough to convince you, so we've created outerwear that is just better. It's lightweight so you can put it in your pocket, it's rainproof and windproof to protect your child from the elements. It continuously adjusts it's size so it'll never be bulky and restrictive!

Aren't synthetics bad for the environment?
Petit Pli believes in using materials fit for purpose and to use them resourcefully. The majority of rainwear in the world is made from synthetic material, we're just providing a smarter way to use less of that material. Synthetics aren't the problem, overconsumption and waste of plastic is. Whilst we provide a way to slow down consumption, we will do all we can to find alternative materials.